Name: Hadar Dule

Age: 30

Height: 6' 2''

Occupation: Cargo shipment.  First mate of the starship "Dragon's Fire"

Race: Dulian

Description: His eyes glow a soft blue in color.  He is usually clothed in a full length, crimson robe, with the hood pulled up over his head, and his lightsaber clipped to his belt.

He is a Jedi Knight.  He, as did each of his race, has two souls.  For him, this has become a bit of a problem.  In the closing stages of his Jedi training, he was exposed to a place fully engulfed by the Darkside of the Force as a training exercise.  But, to his and his masters dismay, one of his souls took to the Darkside, thus beginning an internal, and on going struggle for power within him.  To this day, he has been able to triumph over the "dark" soul, but at times of great weakness and depression, the darker soul gains the advantage and uses it.

He now lives with his lovely wife, Wee Sprite, in RhyDin.