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Don't we look totally happy! ;D

The colors!  The colors!

Apart from role-playing on-line, Jeff, pictured above with his lovely wife, Rosa, enjoys spending time doing many things. Volleyball, raquetball, pounding Jolt when he finds it, hanging out and partying with good friends, and, of course, his wife.

They currently have two boys, Mark and Steven. Mark was born in December 1997 and Steven was born February 2001. They're both quite a handful, but they are dearly loved and a lot of fun. While neither of the parents have slept since, they've never been happier.

Jeff currently works as a Technical Support guy and Implementation Specialist (read: Techno Superfreak) for E-Z Data. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus. His infinitely better and smarter half is happily working as a substitute teacher and being a great mother to our kids! Although, she is currently going back to school to get her second Bachelor's degree, then Master in Criminalistics. She wants to become a CSI type that deals in forensic chemistry. :) They both have their own web page design company for individuals and small businesses. You can find out more at RJ Webz Design.

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Here's Mark! Here's Steve!
Here's Mark at 5 months old. Here's Steve at 9 months old.

Click on the picture to see Mark's or Steve's Gallery!

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One proud daddy!

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