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The Jolt Master is probably one of the most easy-going characters you'll ever meet in RhyDin, along with being one of the most eligible bachelors. A self-proclaimed "party animal extraordinaire," he certainly doesn't have to strain himself to make that known as the truth. If he doesn't have a can of Jolt Cola in his hand, he's got a beer. If not a beer, then maybe one of the ladies that frequents the Star's End Bar (or wherever else he happens to be drinking and enjoying the scenery), but if nothing else, he makes it a point to have a good time.

Jolt's biography is an interesting one, certainly unique amoung Terrans. He was born New Year's Day in 2569 and seems to have led a normal life of any happy little boy who was an only child. Although, he would seem to be destined to lead an interesting life due to his first name alone. Jolt Masters is his legal name and has had it since about 2-3 years of age. According to him, the name came from an uncle (actually a close family friend) who was visiting his father. He happened to be drinking a Jolt and gave some to the young boy. Jolt really took to the cola and has been called that ever since. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what his name was before that and neither do his parents.

The Jolt Master moniker came many years later after he graduated from college and started working for the Jolt Cola Megacorp. Within a couple short years in Galatic Sales, he managed to sell his product to the entire planet of Despaci. He was awarded Salesman of the Year, then Salesman of the Decade. He was called that name at the ceremony and it had stuck ever since. And with such impressive sales, he was able to retire in the next month and has been living off the residuals since then. Some of the finer details regarding this planetary sale are unavailable due to the ongoing litigation that was leveled against Jolt by the Federation for violating the Prime Directive. As of this writing, the trial has been going on for almost two years now. So far, he has been successful in "fending off" the Federation.

Sadly, with this ongoing trial, he hasn't been able to get to his usual hangouts and enjoy life the way he wishes to do so. But he can be seen once in a while in the realms. He could be trying to recruit some new members into the Order of the Crimson Star. Perhaps you'll see him serving a drink at the Asmo Strip Club or even having a drink of his own at the Star's End Bar. If he's not out enjoying a drink or the "bunnies", he might be at his apartment in the Tech Sector of RhyDin with his calico, Princess. This, of course, is provided that he can get into his apartment since the media has been camped out there since the trial in December 2597.

If you happen to see him, come on over and say "Hi!" No doubt, he would appreciate the company.

Name: The Jolt Master

DOB: January 1, 2569

Origin: Earth. Terra, depends on the race asking

Height: 175cm (69" tall as he prefers it)

Weight: 77kg

Description: He has longish black hair that falls past his shoulders, coupled with a mustache. He usually wears a black leather fedora, black boots, a worn denim jacket and jeans. He also wears a comfortable button down shirt. Under this shirt, there is a well-toned stomach from countless sit-ups and a tattoo of the Jolt Cola logo on his left shoulder. His hands are covered with a pair of black leather biker gloves. These gloved hands are always ready to instantly draw the pair of blasters at his sides or to serve the best kamikazes in town.

Interests: "Bunny" chasing is his primary interest along with drinking beer and Jolt Cola. He has a myriad of other interests such as participating in: volleyball, raquetball, "Shoot the Fed" (a hologram game of his design to which the Federation is none too pleased about, although it's surprisingly popular on Klingon, but it was modified with Jem-Hadar targets and not Federation personnel), and discussing the philosophical ramifications of quantum physics.

Organizations: Likes: "You haven't figured that out yet? (laughs) Women. I really dig women and having a good time."

Dislikes: "Narrow-minded weasely little Federation SOB's and women who are full of themselves."

Net Worth: He merely smiled at this question and explained it this way: "If you land on a planet and the local goverments, as well as governments from the other countries on that planet, purchase your product in bulk, along with the three billion citizens of said planet also make individual purchases, and you get 30% commission monthly, what do you think my net worth would be?"

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