Asmodius Strip Club Employment Application

This application for employment is for a roleplay scenario. It is not an actual employment application for the real world. Its just for a great and gratifying experience in the realms of roleplay. Once you fill this application out, please cut, paste and send it to MadiaRavyn.

Personal Information (In real life)

The following questions are for you, the person in front of the computer. They are not referring to your character in any fashion.

1. Are you 18 years or older?
2. Are you offended by sexually explicit roleplay or erotic dancing?
3. What sex are you? (Your sex won't be disclosed to other employees)
4. What's your email address? (Don't use any spaces if your email address has any)

Character Information

This section is dedicated to your character for roleplay. It has nothing to do with you in real life.

1. Who sent you this application? The Jolt Master, bartender ((SN:JoltMaster))
2. What's your character's name?
3. What's your character's sex?
4. How old is your character?
5. What does your character look like?

6. Which of the follow positions are you applying for?
[ ]Stripper
[ ]Bartender
[ ]Waitress
[ ]Private Dancer
[ ]Private Dancer/Stripper
[ ]Bouncer
[ ]DJ
[ ]Dance Commentator
[ ]Bodyguard
[ ]Cook
[ ]Advertiser/Recruiter

7. If you are a private dancer/stripper and you have a stage name, what is it?
8. What experience do you have in the specified position?
9. How long are you in the roleplay realm each day?
10. What days and nights can you work and for how long?

Optional Information

This section is dedicated to any other information that would enhance your and other's roleplay experience.

1. If you have a website or webpage, what is the address?
2. Do you have any pictures of what your character looks like? If so type the address of the pic or send it to MadiaRavyn.
3. List any other reasons why you would be a good hire.

This application, once filled out, should be sent to MadiaRavyn and Asmodius 0.